Brand Story

"I'm passionate about two things, designing clothes to make breastfeeding women feel amazing and ethical fashion."


I'm Ellen founder of Ruma Breastfeeding Wear.

Ruma was born in 2016 around 6 months after I had my first child.

I was disappointed with the nursing clothes on offer from the traditional high street stores and could not wait to get out of the stretchy jersey dresses and Breton stripes of pregnancy clothes (why is all maternity wear striped)?!

Ruma Breastfeeding Wear brand name

I didn't feel like any of the clothing suitable for breastfeeding reflected my pre baby style and I really wanted to retain that sense of self.

I was Mum now but I was also still me.

So armed with my background in fashion merchandising and a desire to create nursing dresses that fit perfectly, feel fashion forward and still look amazing after you've been up all night feeding or picked playdough out the carpet for the millionth time that day Ruma was born.


Ruma's Values

I'm passionate about two things, designing clothes to make breastfeeding women feel amazing and ethical fashion.

Fashionable dresses for breastfeeding in bold prints

I manufacture all of my designs in the UK using talented dressmakers who are paid well for their amazing skills.

This way I can use my brand to support other female owned businesses and ensure that my manufacturing is free from forced, child or underpaid labour.

Motherhood can feel like an identity overhaul and I believe we deserve clothes that suit our style, fit well, make you feel amazing AND you can breastfeed in.

Ruma's Mission

Why should we hide away in baggy tops and leggings just because we are breastfeeding?

Ditch the jersey and stripes in favor of beautifully stitched, bold printed breastfeeding dresses in perfect fits to elevate your maternity wardrobe and make you feel like the nursing goddess you know you are.

Follow @rumabfw on Instagram to join our supportive community of breastfeeding fashion lovers, there's a good sense of humour, lots of fashion and of course breastfeeding boobs!