About us

Our garments are designed specifically for breastfeeding.

We are not fast fashion and make small quantities of each style, so they won’t be around for long!

Ruma dresses are stitched by our talented dressmakers (all working mothers), who are paid above the living wage for their skills.

We focus on quality not quantity, our garments are designed to last through multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding journeys.

When you buy a Ruma dress not only are you supporting yourself to look amazing and feel amazing on your breastfeeding journey, you are also helping another mum to provide for her family.

We are proud to manufacture in the UK, we can say with 100% certainty that our garments are child & forced labour free.

We use Okeo - tex approved fabrics.

This means the fabrics have been produced without the use of harmful chemicals.

We use a UK based fabric supplier to further reduce your garment’s carbon footprint.

We believe you deserve to look and feel amazing whilst breastfeeding your baby.