Who made my clothes at Ruma Breastfeeding Wear?

If you have ever seen a dressmaker at work you will know how much skill goes into making the garments we wear every day. 

There is patience, knowledge and creativity at work whilst garments are stitched.

Breastfeeding dresses made ethically in the UK who made my clothes

Its only the use of cheap labour from developing countries (and in light of recent news stories right here in the UK) that have allowed us devalue fashion, keeping retail prices low and profit margins insanely high for huge fast fashion brands.

Part of the core brand values at Ruma Breastfeeding Wear is to support the amazingly talented seamstresses we have here in the UK.

Each one of your dresses bought from Ruma is hand stitched by  Val at The Sewing Parlour in Northwich Cheshire in her beautiful studio.

Ruma breastfeeding wear who made my clothes hand stitched in the UK

When you choose to buy a dress with Ruma you are supporting two, female run small businesses whilst simultaneously supporting the movement towards sustainable and ethical fashion.

Ruma Breastfeeding Wear all dresses are made ethically and sustainably in the UKEthical fashion brand specialising in fashionable breastfeeding wear

At Ruma we will always provide proper wages for our amazing dressmakers whilst designing beautiful breastfeeding clothes that are stitched to last.



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