Packing your hospital bag

I love a list.

I make a list and another list off that list until all thoughts are in a list..

This week I'm 36 weeks pregnant and need to start packing my hospital bag.

So I went in search of a cohesive list to tick off all things birth and baby that I could share with you all.

But first a few lessons I learnt from (ding ding) round one:

1. Pack for longer than a one night stay.

I ended up in hospital for five days after the birth of my son and I had only packed for one night!

This meant my shell shocked husband had to float around the local Asda hazily grabbing at anything that had the word "baby" on it down an aisle he previously never new existed.

Although he did come back with a pizza from the hot counter, which I appreciated.

2. Buy nursing bras after your milk has come in.

I bought nursing bras in my regular pre pregnancy bra size.

This was a little hasty as they didn't fit at all whist I was in hospital and probably not for a few months after my supply had settled down.

There is nothing worse than a cripplingly tight bra whilst trying to get the hang of breastfeeding.

This time I'll be opting for soft bralettes that can accommodate the fluctuating girls in the early days, any recommendations for the larger chest are welcome.

3. Pack a change of clothes for your partner.

If its your other half pack them a change of clothes for after the labour or if its your birth partner advise them to bring a change of clothes.

When I experienced a PPROM (premature rupture of membranes) coupled with Group B Strep we had to head to the hospital quickly.

My Husband grabbed a pair of skinny jeans fresh out of the tumble dryer and then sat through a 30 hour labour in a boiling hot delivery suite.

Now I'm not saying his plight was worse than mine but he was pretty convinced he couldn't have anymore children.

Tracksuit bottoms for the labour and a fresh pair for afterwards, much more comfy than skinny jeans.

So back to the list!

I managed to find this printable version from the lovely blog Caitylis which is a really nice parenting blog with lots of lovely photos.

I found this list really useful and it helped me gather my bag together.


What to pack in your hospital bag for birth UK


I've also treated myself to a Baby Stuff Large Pouch from My Bags of Stuff.

I've had by eye on one of these for a while I love the simple design and ethically sourced materials, perfect for both hospital bag and your changing bag.


What to pack in your hospital bag for birth UK


For after the birth I'll be packing my 100% organic cotton breastfeeding pyjamas.

They really are the softest PJ's I've ever owned, the pockets in the bottoms are so handy and of course they are specifically designed for breastfeeding.

First time round I had a fiddly night shirt with lots of tiny buttons, not ideal when you are trying to hold a newborn and get the hang of breastfeeding!



And the last thing to mention is a going home outfit.

Last time round we left at 2am with a baby in the most random set of clothes (green knitted cardigan, fluffy blue boots looking like he was going to the toilet at Glastonbury in the early hours of the morning) and I looked no better!

 This time I will be packing my Olivia Linen Dungarees.

Perfect for the early days of breastfeeding and comfy on the post partum tummy area.


Any other tips for hospital bag packing?

We would love to hear them!

Love Ellen x



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