Tiered breastfeeding dresses and why they are A-mazing!


How was your day?

We frequented the sand pit park for the first time since lockdown began and I realised I have not missed wet, sandy breastfeeding 😅.

BUT I got my kiddos out in the fresh air  and away from Netflix so today is a win for me.

Last night I launched the second style from my new collection (starting to wonder why I randomly chose 9pm on a Monday night... does baby brain ever leave you?!)

I wanted to walk you through the thoughts behind this dress and why I absolutely love it.


Firstly everyone is wearing these beautiful, tiered maxi dresses with chunky trainers and I absolutely loved the style but the shape is so inaccessible for breastfeeding.

You can’t pull a maxi dress up without showing the dog walkers at the park your knickers, you can’t slip a shoulder off, you can’t do the “one up one down” method so I thought here is a problem Ruma can solve.

Just because we are breastfeeding doesn’t mean that we can’t have access to the latest looks and styles and tiered dresses are just amazing.

Like wearing a nightgown in public, mum tum (even though I loath that term) hiding and soo flipping easy to style which let’s face it is what we need as busy bloody mums.


Polka dot print breastfeeding dress made in the uk tiered maxi dress for breastfeeding

So I set about creating an amazing tiered dress with breastfeeding access.

I’ve worked really hard on the fit for these dresses to make sure they are perfect with plenty of room for moving the girls around so you can latch like a queen and still look HOT!

I’ve played around with different zips for the access after finding the invisible zips a bit fiddly on previous collections.

I’ve settled on a two way zip that is chunky, easy to grab with one hand and can withstand being yanked back and forth.

The zip is covered by a placket so no one even needs to know it’s there!


Green floral ditsy print breastfeeding dress made in the UK and designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding

I wanted to chose season less prints that can be paired with sandals in the summer, boots and tights in the winter.

I’m super proud of this dress it ticks all the boxes that intended to tick ✔️ 

Little video here to show you the zip, I mainly can’t believe how quiet my house is in the background 🤣



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