Nursing an older baby - What to expect

1. Acrobatics 

As babies get older and more independent, they no longer sit still or lie peacefully to nurse.

Instead they become skilled gymnasts using your knees as a balance beam whilst they break dance on your nipple and you dodge a pudgy foot in the face.

 Breastfeeding a toddler acrobatic positions

2. Breastfeeding solves all problems

Baby fallen over?Stick a boob in for instant soothing.

Toddler having a meltdown on a packed flight?Whip out a nip.

Continuing to feed an older baby really comes into it’s own when a situation needs calming, a reliable parenting tool.


3. You are their safest place

If your older baby finds something a little overwhelming, confusing, frightening etc they might come to you for a quick nurse while processing this new feeling.

Nothing beats the big eyes of your toddler looking up to you for reassurance and extra cuddles.


4.Teeth & Twiddling

Teething, boredom or falling asleep at the breast can may make a baby bite. 
If you are nervous about continuing to breastfeed whilst your baby gets teeth, most babies grow out of this quite quickly as breastfeeding doesn’t actually involve the teeth.

If baby bites you can put your finger in to unlatch them and explain you won’t be nursing if they bite.

My little one just laughs at me most of the time but it’s worth a try!

More info here on biting whilst breastfeeding.

Nipple twiddling is another common habit.

It’s not a great sensation and has been sighted as a reason for developing breastfeeding aversion.

Older babies have worked out that twiddling the other nipple stimulates more milk, like turning on a tap!

Wearing a good fitting nursing bra, teething necklace or placing your arm over your other breast can help.

 Funny breastfeeding meme baby shark

5. You need clothes that can handle it!

With all the acrobatics and twiddling going on decent breastfeeding clothes are now more essential than ever.

Older babies can tug at your clothes or try and get your boobs out whilst your are mid conversation.

That’s were Ruma comes in, if your baby has worked out how to slide a two way zip to get access to the liquid gold then you have clearly birthed a genius PLUS your outfit looks amazing.

😉 ✌️


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