Looking for “the silver bullet”

No not that kind of silver bullet get your mind out of the gutter 😅

This week I have noticed my own tendency to look for “the silver bullet” a one size fits all solution to a problem that I just haven’t quite found yet, particularly around baby sleep.

Hollie McNish posted the below on Instagram last week:

Breastfeeding support blog post baby sleep

Breastfeeding blog supporting normal baby sleep

I’m speaking from experience when I say sleep deprived parents will try and buy anything.

I remember seeing a post about Ford Motor company creating a cot that stimulates being in the car.

My second baby in particular only naps in the car.

Its a prototype but I was doing desperate googling trying to find the right person to contact at Ford on LinkedIn and I was willing to remortgage my house to buy one!




We worry so much about our own abilities as mothers if said magic potion doesn’t sort baby’s sleep right out.

With my first baby I bought all of these products and became obsessed with finding just the right strain of lavender essential oil that would surely make my baby sleep through for a whole 8 hours?!

I wasted money, time and energy stressing about something that cannot be “fixed” with a one size fits all solution.

Turns out it didn’t even need fixing, breastfeeding all night is a perfectly normal behaviour and now my four year old (kinda) sleeps through the night all on his own.

I’m glad that we are having these conversations on social media.

In the midst of the global pandemic new parents need access to supportive information.

You are not doing it wrong if baby doesn’t sleep through the night, for survival they are designed to wake up multiple times.

Breastfeeding to sleep is normal you are the safest place in the world for your baby.

Breastfed babies don’t feed on a 3 hour schedule, last night I was the sole manger and proprietor of the all night breastaurant which never closes it’s doors on it’s favourite customer. 

As we head into another 4 week lock down in the UK if you, a pregnant friend, sister, daughter etc need any kind of support with breastfeeding feel free to message me anytime.

I’m not medically trained but I can offer my experience of what is normal behaviour and point you in the direction of our supportive community of breastfeeding and fashion loving mums at Ruma.


Big love to you all.

You are all amazing


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